Core Competencies


Digital Transformation

Enhance agility, speed to market, and data-driven decision-making at scale. Coaching and mentoring culture shifts that drive productivity and efficiences.

Demand Generation

Creating awareness and interest in products or services then engaging with audiences to drive mutually beneficial outcomes for brands and customers


Generating distinct identities for businesses with their target audiences building recognition and delivering outstanding experiences.

E-Commerce Marketing

Effectively utilizing a variety of on and off site promotion tactics to attract, convert, retain and delight online customers

Digital Transformation

Spearheaded rebranding and messaging strategy shift for leading material handling and Logistics provider from Solutions based to Vertical industry based model in 9 months resulting in $300M in new Pipeline growth and $100M in new order revenues in 2023. Included new GTMs for 8 vertical markets, value propositions and new sales collateral for Global Fortune 200

Activated comprehensive Lead-To-Revenue data model across marketing automation and CRM platforms driving best in class channel attribution and lead management tracking globally across all Solutions for leading Material Handling and Logistics provider

Developed and implemented Lead Generation model, Tag Management, Analytics and Digital Performance reporting integrating Adobe Cloud, Sprinklr, Eloqua Lead Management, and CRM for tracking, attribution, pipeline and revenue management for SAP Ariba


black and silver round logo
black and silver round logo


Spearheaded rebranding and messaging strategy shift from Solutions based to vertical industry based model in 9 months resulting in $300M in new Pipeline growth and $100M in new order revenues in 2023. Included new GTMs for 8 verticals, value propositions and new sales collateral for Fortune 100 Global Logistics provider

Launched integrated Global Content model adding new branding, sales collateral, Value Propositions, new Solutions videos, Webinars and Podcasts to drive Engagement and Demand Generation

Orchestrated comprehensive Brand Architecture, Customer Persona Development, Customer Touch points Analysis, and Complete Redesign of 5 client websites for leading Software provider

Sold and managed $500,000 Branded Consumer Web Experience initiative for Humana Healthcare producing leading HTML prototype for Company's Member Services Channel

Negotiated $1.2M branded entertainment programming deal for Microsoft with leading southeastern banking client in support of major re-brand campaign in the US


Demand Generation

Created $526M in total Marketing Generated Pipeline and $302M in Marketing Generated Revenues growth 2021-2022 (130% average against plan) for Global Fortune 200

Developed and launched 1: Few Global ABM program driving $200M in Pipeline and $40M in revenues first 8 months after launch

Launched new Marketing Automation Practice in leading Global Digital Marketing Agency driving $2.1M in contracted revenue and $908,750 Year 1 billed revenue across Agency, Partner and BU teams

Generated 2019 Growth Pipeline of $2M for Marketing Cloud and Automation Services (Adobe, Salesforce and Microsoft)


E-Commerce Marketing

person using laptop computer holding card
person using laptop computer holding card


Ignited online retail sales for Cingular - AT&T Wireless 400% over prior year to $130M ($97.5M in incremental new revenues) by creating and launching innovative online promotions, site and shopping flow enhancements, integrated web advertising, restructuring search and affiliate marketing and activating long-term strategic channel marketing plans. Included 80% increases in B2B sales to Mid-size and SMB markets

Increased direct traffic to client site 25% and 50% increase in lead conversion to policy pages through digital program enhancements, Dynamics CRM rollout, Search and email marketing optimizations

Christopher Ulrich - CEO Direct Response Group, Attorney and Entrepreneur, SEO and PPC

"I had the pleasure of working for Jarrett at Cingular Wireless from 2004 to 2005, up until the merger with AT&T. It was an exciting and innovating time in cellular, with Jarrett masterfully developing strategies in a hyper-dynamic industry. From the introduction of the camera phones to the innovative Motorola Razr, products changed monthly and Jarrett was responsible for developing and implementing the online marketing strategies in extremely short timeframes. This was not a job for the faint of heart. I highly recommend taking any opportunity to collaborate with Jarrett! Christopher Ulrich, CEO Direct Response Group."

Cristina Cham -Digital Strategy and Omni-Channel Marketing Communications

"Enviable professional experience, outstanding strategic skills and a very approachable personality make of Jarrett a great business leader.

Not only is he professionally and personally respectful of others, but he also leverages his team to the best of its capacity by challenging ideas in a very intelligent manner. In short, consider yourself lucky if you get to work with him!"

Voice of Colleagues


Nicholas Gill - Founder & Strategy Partner at Team Eleven

"Jarrett worked with me on a global pitch for GSK for a new formulation of their Panadol brand. He provided incredibly valuable market and consumer insights from both North & Latin America to ensure that we could deliver compelling strategic and creative work for a global pitch. Jarrett's input was immense not only from the quality of delivery and thought but the pro-active nature of it and the good sense of fun had throughout."

Steve Maughan - Business Leader, Sales Transformation, Digital Sales

"Jarrett was a blast to work with, lots of energy, expertise and ideas on how to go about establishing a world class Demand Generation engine to fuel the sales teams with quality MQL's. He and his team worked tirelessly to understand our customers, markets and help develop value propositions, personas, use cases, and digital content that resonate and address with our customers challenges and needs."

Allyson Humphries - Director of Marketing and Business Development

"Jarrett made a large number of improvements to a very digital ecommerce oriented company. He is a team builder and consummate marketing professional."

Doug Bandes - Leadership, Business Development, Experiential, Content, Influencer, Media, Video Pioneer

"Jarrett successfully established and increased DBG’s presence in the Southern Region across Digital Display, Branded Video, Original and Custom Programming to major clients and regional agencies. He positioned Leading Brand accounts for accelerated Company revenues including Nissan, The Coca-Cola Company, Verizon, Royal Caribbean, and various Southeast-based Agency Partners.

He tripled our Southeastern Pipeline and drove several new key relationships with targeted clients & agencies. I highly recommend Jarrett."

Andrew Osterday - Co-Founder at Local Industries

"Jarrett is a motivating manager able to grow sales teams with little resources. He possesses a unique mix of interactive marketing know-how, technical knowledge, and people skills that make him a go-to individual."

Tim Baldwin - Owner in Digital Advertising

"Jarrett is the consumate professional with a keen understanding of the digital advertising space. He was a joy to collaborate with on key target accounts. His communication skills are exceptional and his knowledge of the day-to-day workings of both agencies and client is superb. I would recommend Jarrett for any position in the marketing & advertising business."

Karl Cordes - Regional Sales Director HCL Software

"Jarrett is an excellent sales manager and team leader. He provided tremendous guidance on the sales process, developed a comprehensive Go-to-Market Strategy for our group at Premiere Global, and understands the sales metrics that drive success. He provides a consistent, genuine and steady approach to managing his sales team. I would work with Jarrett again in a minute. He impressed me with both in internal team calls, and is a true sales professional in front of prospects or customers."

Tery Lockitski - Senior Executive with Proven Transformation and Industry 4.0 Experience

"Jarrett and I worked together at Coca-Cola many years ago but I never forgot how great he was to collaborate with. He was not only a great teammate, but also a great sponsor and ally to me when I faced inclusion and diversity challenges. As one of my key stakeholders, he was very helpful in helping to break those barriers down by giving my work a voice, but also in setting an example for others in how to treat me and other LatinX women as equals and complementary team members. I am grateful for his partnership and collaboration after all these years."


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